she said. "●It's just that ... Vingt thing...." ●"Auga is rather intense," the new Mr. Gerding s■aid. "Yea

/ template 1

h, intense," Orison said. "Like a ki●dney-stone." "I stopped by to welcome yo●u to the William Howard Taft■ National Ban

k and Trust Company fam■ily, Miss McCall," he said. "I'm Kraft Gerdi●ng, Dink's elder brother. I under

stand you've ●met Dink already." "Yes, sir," Oris●on said. The hair of this new Mr. Gerd●ing was cro

pped even closer than Dink's.■ His mustache was gray-tipped,● like a patch of fr

osted furze; and his eyes,■ like Dink's, were cobalt blue. The

head, Oris●on mused, would look quite at hom●e in one of Kaise


r Bill's spike-topped● Pickelhauben; but the ears ■were in evidence, and seemed normal. ●Mr. Kraft Gerding bowed—what continental■ manners these bankers had!—and Orison hal●f expected him to free her h●and from the rolled-up paper she ■still clutched and plant a k■iss on it. Instead, Kraft Gerding smiled● a smile

as frosty as his mustache and sa■id, "I understand that my young●er brother has been talking with you, M●iss McCall. Quite proper, I know. But I must■ warn you against mixing business with pl●easure." Orison jumped up, tos●sing the paper into her wastebaske●t. "I quit!" she shouted. "You■ can take this crazy bank ... into bankru●ptcy, for all I care. I'm not ●go

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